Rendering frames problem


I have got a animation that is 90 frames long, when send the animation to the picture viewer, it says 70 frames. No matter how I alter the frame length in the make preview window, the picture viewer still stays at 70 frames.

But the thing that is puzzling me is even that the picture viewer says 70 frames, the 90 frame animation is all there, rendered out.

Is the 90 frame animation being compressed into 70 frames.

After I wrote this. I changed from manual to all frames, and it did render at 90 frames.
So why is the manual choosing of the range of the preview making the picture viewer say 70 frames.

And in the render settings I did put at all frames
from: 0 f
to: 90 f
step: 1


What software are you using…? I don’t recognize it, so I am assuming C4D?