Render Setup Bug



I am currently trying to script a simple Render Setup tool to quickly allow the deletion of RenderSetup layers.

However, I’ve noticed that when I select the RenderSetupLayer nodes by name , it causes the “deleted” Render Layer inside the Render Setup GUI to partly grey out in the area where the “active layer” button sits. If I then close the window, it reports that there is a C++ error with the window, giving the following error:

“maya error 510: Internal C++ object (RenderSetupWindow) already deleted.”

Following this, I did a simple non-code-based test, where I simply opened up the Render Setup dialogue, created a new render layer, and deleted the RenderLayer and RenderSetupLayer nodes through the node editor window, and this resulted in the same “bug”. Once I closed the window, I could not reopen, hinting at a very basic bug within Maya’s RenderSetup interface. Very frustrating! Is this a known issue
with Maya? Can anyone recommend a viable workflow to delete Layers from the RenderSetup system effectively?

Additionally, does anyone have any recommendations for selecting pre-existing collections from the Render Setup system? There are a lot of resources online, however I cannot find any details. I want to select the collection and assign to a variable, but I cannot do this on creation of the collection, only after.

Any help would be greatly appreciated