Render Queue simply wont work


Hello all,

I am relatively new to C4D and Im having a nightmare with the render queue. Im using R15 Prime and have three different scenes in three different files. All three will render to picture viewer. Due to a slow computer, this can take quite a few hours each. Id like to be able to leave the computer overnight to render all three to a high quality.

However when I set the three scenes up in the render queue and start the render, it takes 3 seconds to render each one and all I get is a small, all black image. The render settings are the exactly the same as when I rendered to picture viewer. I played around with the quality, ranging from high to very low and unfortunately that didnt make a difference.

Please can someone help me. I have trawled the internet and can not find a similar problem out there. Let me know if you need any more details about my project. Here is a link to a drop box file; there is a C4D file with a simple cube and all my settings and a log from the render queue.