Render frame via tokens without frame number in file name


I see all sorts of ways to ADD things to a file name via tokesns, but not seeing how to delete them.

AFAIK, all the options in the “Name” dropdown under the save tab of the render settings have numbers after them, so like Name0001.TIF, etc.

I don’t want the frame number, though. I have child takes set to a particular frame number to generate a custom poster frame for each video, so there are no other frames being output, and it’s just extra and unnecessary characters in the title.

Basically, I have project, then take name as a title, and that’s all I want, so:


What I want it to output is:


What I’m getting is:


Is there a way to get it to skip the frame number in the file name?


I would say no…

…but then, you can program a script that performs the rendering and then save the file under a name of your own choosing, I guess. Too much work to bother.


I don’t think you can accomplish that via the naming convention.
But a workaround would be to use a renaming tool on the rendered files, that (for example) removes the last 4 letters of the filename.
Here’s a freeware tool that seems to do this (haven’t tried for myself though):


Yeah, I’ve used batch renaming tools before.

I’ve got 30 of these a day or so being output, but due to the nested folder structure, I think it would take almost as long to go through and target only the correct files for renaming as it would to just erase each by hand.

A little quicker, but not that much.

Good suggestion, though, and super handy in a lot of similar situations.