rename with increment



I know I have done this before. But can’t figure it out right now :banghead:

How do you increment rename objects in c4d? So my objects get renamed cube1, cube2, cube3 and so on.

Renaming multiple objects is super simple, but getting the incrementation in… Like I said I know I have done it. Can’t remember though. Anyone?


go to Tools -> Naming tool -> Suffix (edit: corrected) -> type: $N -> Replace Name


I use AutoRename

works on R17


Why would you use a plugin, when the Naming tool works great for this?
Just make sure to use the suffix filed found under the “Replace” tab.


Thanks guys. That’s it. $N


Actually the auto rename tool was pretty nifty too!


This was a great tip…Major timesaver. Thanks


Hi, please is there in naming tool the option to add multi-digit number? (001, 002,…)
I tried $$$N, 3$N $3N, and nothing happened.