Remove Layout Tabs in R25


Hi Guys,

I want to know if it’s possible to remove the layout tabs from the top of the screen in C4D R25?

I use my own layout which has everything I need in it and I sometimes work with multiple files open and the layout tabs get in the way!

I would love to remove some of them to create more room across the top if possible.

Any help will be much appreciated



Click on that “+” mark at the far right, and unchecked the layout tabs you don’t want to see… voila!


that is not a choice on my R25 + menu (the one that lists the layouts and has Load, Save, Lock layout at the bottom)

where exactly do you see this option to remove the document tabs?


The question was about how to remove layout tabs to make more room for document tabs. I don’t know if there is any way to completely remove document tabs.
Luckily for me I think document tabs are awesome, so I don’t want to remove them, but I can see that some might feel differently…


If we cannot remove thoose tabs… Is ther a way that thoose “awesome” document tabs shows the document name? Here it’s stuck to few first laters, usually my incremental version numbers shows at the end of the file name… thanks fot feedback :slight_smile: