Remove extra spline-knots


I’m looking for a way to optimize a spline by removing uneccessary knots from a spline (the red knots in the image below):

Does anyone know of a good way to do this?


If you’re not looking for a code solution specifically, there is a modifier called ‘optimize spline’ which may work for you.

Alternatively, there are a few scripts on that optimize splines in various ways.

For a code sample, here is a very basic example which is neither elegant or very cleverly optimized. I’m sure some of the other folks here could do a much better job. There is zero error checking included.

-- optimize the spines by removing points that lie along a straight line
newspline = $
local epsilonshapepoints = .001		
slpinecount = numsplines newspline 
		for splineindex = 1 to slpinecount do(
			knotcount = numknots newspline splineindex
			knotindex = 1

			--format "knotcount = %\n"	knotcount
			while knotcount > 2 and knotindex <= knotcount do(
				-- get the three points we're going to test
				p1index = knotindex - 1
				if p1index <= 0 do p1index = knotcount
				p2index = knotindex
				p3index = knotindex + 1
				if p3index > knotcount do p3index = 1
				p1 = getKnotPoint newspline splineindex p1index
				p2 = getKnotPoint newspline splineindex p2index
				p3 = getKnotPoint newspline splineindex p3index
				v1 = p2 - p1
				v2 = p3 - p1
				crossresult = length( cross (normalize v1) (normalize v2))
				if crossresult < epsilonshapepoints then(
					-- delete the point
					deleteknot newspline splineindex knotindex
					knotcount = numknots newspline splineindex
				else knotindex += 1	


Thank you! :slight_smile: