Remove dead verts from Edit Poly modifier


So in Max 2021 it seems Autodesk broke something with chamfer where it now creates a bunch of ‘dead’ verts every time it’s used. This means that if after chamfering you select all the verts on the mesh there will be gaps (like: #{1…4, 7…8, 10…11, 13…14}), and it’s playing havoc with some of my scripts.

On an Editable Poly there’s a standard function that’ll solve this ($.collapseDeadStructures()) but I haven’t been able to find anything similar for the Edit Poly modifier. Right now I’m adding and then removing a vert to force it to update, but this is a really hacky solution, and I was wondering if there’s a ‘correct’ way to solve this issue?


Only old(est) “Standard” chamfer in EPoly preserves vertices. And not only in 2021.