Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Jon Gourley, modeler, Archetype FX


Hi, my name is Jerome Carter and I am a Independent animator, looking to enhance and streamline my abilities for short animations. I hope to learn additional ways, tips and techniques for rigging, and modeling and scripting,


Hi, Carlos De Almeida here, 3D artist from Venezuela.


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I’m João Ligeiro, freelancer 3d Designer. I want to get better at stylized character pipeline.


I guess we must replay here in order to register.
HI, I’m Carlos González, I recently graduated from Engineering in digital design and animation.


Hi, my name is Roland, 3D Generalist, Freelance.


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Hi, my name is Mohammed Hejair I am a freelance 3D designer from Bahrain
Good luck everybody!


I’m Ashley Benson, I’m a student who is still trying to figure out what they want to do. Right now I’m sort of leaning towards 3D modeling.

I’ve been using maya for the last 5 years, but have been neglecting my organic modeling skills.

I am taking a 3D character modeling course at my local community college. But I’m excited for this course because it will take us through the entire pipeline.

I’ve dabbled in zbrush and substance. And an looking forward to diving back into rendering. My last proper lesson was with mentalray, and while I have used Arnold I wasnt happy with the results.


Hi, I"m Cyril Conforti. I’m lead compositor and I work on some pipeline.
I use nuke and Houdini but I am really curious about character design and its process.


Hi, I’m Santiago from Colombia, looking forward to the course. thanks for your generosity Omar.


Hello. I’m Tamar Mebonia. I’m a former hobbyist and now a new freelance 3D character artist. I’m very interested in having a look at full professional pipelines and can’t wait to see what I can learn from this course.


Hi all, my name’s Josh Matic, and I’m a 3D artist from LA. I’ve been making digital art as a hobby and I’d love to bring my skills up to a production level. Thanks for hosting this!


Hi Everyone
My Name is Mohamed Blala and i’m a director / writer / 3d animator and i’m looking to learn how to create 3d stylized characters to gain more knowledge and expand my skills.


My name is Julian Waller. I’m a freelance 3D Artist and I’m looking forward to learning some new tips for character development.


Hello my name is Marian Aquilizan. I’m a student in compositing and lighting. I’m hoping to learn more about the pipeline.


Hello, My name is Steven Houston, I’m a self taught 3D artist. I’m looking to learn more about creating cg characters.