Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hi Vduvivier! It is narrated in English. First video is up. You can check it out.


hi all, my name is Remo Sande and im a 3D art student currently working on portfolio. Thanks for this free class, cheers to all.

EDIT will the webinars be recorded ? for Europeans the webinars will be around 2am-5am :frowning:


Hi everybody!
My name is Carlos Carvajal, I recently finished a Master degree in 3D Character Modelling and i’m looking forward to this course.



Hello, I am Florian Enders from Germany.


My name is Lily Akers. I am currently a student at Full Sail University in the Computer Animation program. I’m working on my bachelors degree and am just starting out.


My name is Kim LeBrane-Sober. I studied Animation and Visual Effects in the early 2000’s and worked as a DPM in the industry until 2013. I left the industry to get married but like to keep up with it from time to time to keep my skills fresh.


Hello, my name is Andrey Menshikov and I’m just humble self taught student. Thanks for opportunity to skill yourself up!


Hi there. Great initiative on your end to do this :slight_smile: My name’s Raul Tavares, currently working as freelance character artist (


Hello all!

Name: Jesus Bibian Jr

Title: Freelance 3D Generalist

Looking forward to starting a new personal piece while learning a few new things!


hi i’m pamela ladrillo, 3d artist from philippines :slight_smile:


Hello, My name is Seth and I work in the Anime industry in Japan. I am always looking for advice and new ways to improve my workflow.


Hi, I’m Ed. I am a lecturer at UCSC always looking for new techniques to share with students.


Hi, i’m Jose Limon , currently i work for a little game studio in mexico and i’m searching for ways to improve my character modelling, i hope this course help, thanks.


Hello everyone! My name is Isabella Martinez. I’m a 3D Character Artist currently working on my portfolio, will be graduating in December from my 3D modeling degree in Academy of Art University. I love to keep learning so I want to take part of this class :blush:


Hi , my name is Dave and I have been out of the industry for about 7 years , but I keep up with current tech and software.

I am looking forward to brushing up on character modeling and learn some new techniques


Hello, My name is Sharon Wong and I’m a amateur wanting to learn more.


My name is Reuben McGill. I studied Maya in school, but right now it is a hobby. I have too many small children right now, but I still love this stuff. I would love to make this my career one day.


HI everyone, thank you omar-H for this course and this contest :slight_smile:

i’m sebastien greck and i’m a freelance 3d artist… i will take the time to participate to your contest :slight_smile:


Hi there. My name is Jose Terroba. I’m a 3d generalist and I’m very interested in your course. It looks very usefull.


Hello my name is Ash Kubesh Freelance 3D Artist, I’m always interested in watching another artist’s workflow.