Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


¡Hola a todos!
My name is Aylin Arroyo, I’m a 3D animator, but I want to create characters for my personal projects. I’ve done some hard surface modeling in Maya, but Zbrush still a challenge to me!



I’m Christine Taylor and I’m about to be a VRIA student in January. I have played around with Maya and not much along the lines of texturing so I am excited to suck it up and step out of my comfort zone - not that I’m highly comfortable in Maya. I am a beginner so I will do my best to keep up.


Josh Ji, Student / Freelance.



My name’s Aleksandra Laskowska, a student from WSTI Katowice. I’m not really good at 3D - I’m a 2D generallist. By attending here, I’d like to face my inner 3D demon.
Thank you for the opportunity!


My name’s Katrin. I work in a cartoon production company as 3d Artist . I’m always interesting in learning new things and creating characters.


Hello! My name is Artyom and I am a 4 year student. Very interested in three-dimensional modeling.


Hi everyone,
I’m Vikki and I’m a beginner 3d character modeler, this is my portfolio
I’ve always had a passion for creating CG.
And now I’m looking forward to make a new character, and a way to improve myself.


Hello everyone. My name Natali ) 3d modeler. Want to improve myself as much as I can.


Hi! I Andrey Solo, I am from Ukraine. I am learning 3D on my own and am looking forward to your course. Thank you for conducting this course!


Hello. My name is Nikolai Berezkin. I work with 3D visualization on freelance. So I decided to study the game dev.


Hi all,

My name is Gold Richman and I am freelance 3d artist. Want to learn how doing good characters. Thanks for possibility.


hello, i am wesley, freelancer pixel artist and 3d apprentice.


Hello my name is Tomas Gainza. I am from Argentina. I am currently studying with internet tutorials, workshops, webinars, courses, etc. Although I also attend every day to an institute where I study Digital Design. Here I learn a little bit of everything


Hello my name is Douglas Soares, student of 3D modeling. I currently work as a freelance.


Hello. My name is Vitaliy Kozhevnikov. I’m artist and want learned create 3d character.


Hello everyone !!! My name is John Castrillón, I am a communicator powered by 3D art, I live in Colombia.
I want to take advantage of this experience and to appreciate a lot.


Hi, I’m Hai, from vietnam. I am a 3d self-learner. and i want to improve my 3d skills.


Hello! My name is Leonardo Varas, i’m currently living in Brazil and im a 3D character artist! Looking forward to improve as much as possible!


Hi there,

I’m Miguel Rodríguez, I am Digital artist. I am currently in my process to have my bachelor degree from my university and I want to start modeling my own characters to work in games industry. Cant wait to start the course!
Cheers from Mexico
I´m already in?


Hello my name is Filipe and i worked with 2D digital animation for a while. Now i am studying to make the jump into 3D character art, Thank you for this opportunity.