Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hi, I’m Crompwell. I’m here to level up my character skills.


Hello, I hope I’m not too late to register… my name is Erik Newbold, I recently graduated and am looking to further my understanding on sculpting and rendering stylised work.


Hi there! I’m Mariya from Russia, I want to try myself in character design. Hope I’m not too late)


Greetings, My name is Guillermo and I am an architect from Mexico. I am interested in all things 3d and although character design is not something I would use every day I am very interested in it.


My name is Anastasia and I’m doing some 2d stuff for gamedev on freelance. I need to know 3d (expecially sculpting) better, than I know at this moment.


Hi i am sajith from srilanka curious about process of character creation hop this course will help thank you


Hi, my name is Gabor from Hungary. I am interested in 3D character creation processes and I hope this will be helpful


Hi! My name is Sofy and i am student from Russia :slight_smile: I really want to work at CG and i think everybody needs 3D


My name is Yevgeniy and i’m a freelancer. Interested in learning zBrush and Character creation pipeline.


Hi, I’m Virgile, just try to become an accomplished artist afer caming back to CG school during a year in France.


Samuel Barber Student


Hello! My name is Daria Cherkasova and I’m a student from Russia, Siberia


Hello, I’m Nsilo Jenkins. I am a student from the DAVE School in Universal Studios. I’m studying for game design, and would like to learn all I can for this field. Look forward to new things


Hi all!

I’m Jeremy Vicentina, a recent graduate from California, USA! Excited to start learning more!


Hello! I am Mercedes Jennings - Art Director at Maven Collectibles.


Hello everyone

My name is Laurence L. Simard. I live in province of Quebec, Canada. I’m a freelance illustrator/concept artist and I would like to improve my 3D skills. :grin:


Hello! My name is Evgeny Kozlov. I am a 3D artist. I want to take this course to improve my skills.
I think this course will be cool!


Hi! I am Alina Izotova from Russia, I am engaged in classical painting and I want to find myself in 3D


Hello. I’m Treb Tsai. I graduated from Art Center with a BFA in Illustration back before Entertainment Design had its own major. I’m looking forward to learning more about the 3D character design pipeline.


Hello! My name is Marshal Williams and i am a self taught 3D artist and i want to better my 3D skills and learn new techniques. cant wait to get started