Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hi there my name is Rachel Burrows Junior 3D Modeler hoping to learn and improve my skills with this course.


Hello, my name is Lucas Couto i’m 3D artist from Brazil.


Hi :grinning::grinning:
My name is Amany Ragab a 3d character artist from Egypt,
I studying 3d for about 2 years now and I still have a lot to learn and it is a great to be here with you guys.


I’m Heather Elroy. 3D Artist. Here to learn new things!


Hello. I am Akhil Aggarwal and I am from Amritsar, INDIA. I am currently pursuing my high school studies. and along with them I have perused Diploma in Graphic Design, Video Editing and Compositing and currently persuing my Diploma in 3D Animation. I am very excited to attend these lectures as I am curious to know what is happening beyond my studies that i am perusing in my institute.


Hi everyone! My name is Togzhan. I’m a 3D artist :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m Anastasia from Russia. Currently I’m modelling props and other staff like that, but I’ve always been interested in creating characters, so your course is the chance for me to know something new


Hi everybody! My name is Derry, im from Russia, currently studing design at university. And i love to learn something new


Hello, My name is Anatoly, I live in Russian. I work for IT as a 2D-artist. Looking forward to learn new things.


My name is Kirill Kochetov. I’m a recent graduate with BA in Game Design and 3D artist. I want to try character sculpting in Zbrush to get better with advanced sculpting.


Hello everyone!

i’m Andrei Gordeev. I am student, learning Zbrush and i want to improve my skills in character creation.


Hi there, my name is Kate, I’m from Russia. I’m actually a 2d artist, but I’ve decided to try myself in 3d recently. Here to learn new things!


Hi there, I’m Joseph Long. I’m a BA/Marts 3D computer animation graduate. I am particularly interested in character modelling, I use Zbrush quite often but have yet to nail down a good workflow. I wish to join to help improve my art and look forward to learning new things.


Hi There,

My name is Muhammad, I’m a self-taught freelance 3D architecture visualizer from Egypt and I’m here looking for a way to improve myself and to have the needed tools to jump right into the interesting field of characters creation… looking forward to learning from all of you


Hi everyone, my name is Tatiana Eremenko, 3d hobbyist. I’ve always wanted to learn to make full characters:)


Hello everyone, I’m Anna Prudnikova from Russia. I’m 2D artist and nowadays I started studying 3D modeling, too. Yesterday I decided to devote October for studing character’s creating and today I’ve found this course. It’s amazing. I’m happy to join :slight_smile:


Here also 4 am :confused:


Hello! My name is Abby O’Reilly and I’m a VFX artist in NYC. I’m looking forward to this course to expand my 3D skills.


Hi, I am Oscar Barrales, a graphic designer eager to learn 3D character creation.


Hi, my name is Gustavo Visconti, from Brazil. I’m a 3D generalist that work in Broadcast industry at Rede Globo Television.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.