Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Thank you everyone! It’s been great reading your responses. I look forward to sharing my work with you starting tomorrow!


Hi I’m Dumindu From Sri Lanka, I guess this is the place that we needs to introduce our selves for this course. I’m a freelance 3D Generalist. I’m also exited to learn this topic and likes to improve my skills on Character creation Pipeline.
Looking forward to learning with you guys. Hope this will be a fun and exiting journey.


This is Hyun Kim. Teaching in Mexico. Looking forward to this.


Hello! My name is Nik! I’m 3D artist student!


I’m Umesh Kumar , Texture Artist, DNEG Studio Mumbai,India


Hello I’m Jordan, 3d generalist and 2d enthusiast. Ready to learn!


I’m Guilherme Leite, a Computer Science student from Brazil and a 3d hobbyist!


Hi! My name is Sonya Ivanova and I am a Game Art student . Looking forward to learning new things and meeting great people here! :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone, I’m Daryl De Rozario. Although i am inactive in forums (and even in this site), I’m a 3d generalist formally working for a ship simulation company, I have alot of catching up to do regarding sculpting and texturing since i have been doing low poly environment and hoping to improve my current skill set during this course.


Hi guys my name is chris I am 3d artist, i Love modeling in Maya, texturing in Mari and ligthing with arnold, vray or redshif, i am very happy about this new course, i hope that i can learn a lot of new tricks to improve my workflow creating characters.


Hi there
I’m ABDELLATIF,i just started learning Zbrush a few months ago. And i am really excited to learn more here.


Hello Guys, my name is Simon and i just finished my Computer Science in Media Studies. Now i wanted to improve my Knowledge Base with this course. I hope i can learn some new Methods and produce something cool.


I am Vinay Valecha, from India, specializing in character modelling and facials and sculpting. Looking forward to learn techniques and work process for texturing, lookdev, hair/fur, rendering.



I’m Vlado Bosnjak, freelance 3D artist with 0 experience in character modeling. I am mostly familiar with hard surface modeling. I hope I’ll be able to catch up with this course and improve my skills when it comes to organic modeling and character creation. Looking forward to this!


Hey nice to meet you!

My name is Jadon Boyce, i am a high school student from Canada who aspires to be a 3d animator. Im in my last year of Highschool and im hoping to get accepted to Sheridan College, which is one of the top animation schools in Canada. This course would help me improve my knowledge on the subject of animation significantly and would help spice up my portfolio, thanks.


Omar will be using Maya and Vray. Most techniques should translate to other apps.

You will need to be registered and render through RebusFarms to qualify for prizes so check their site for compatible software.


A lot of students looking forward to this happy to have such a talented artist leading the course!



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My name is Siddharth Shrivastav and I am an Environment artist. Here for the knowledge.

I do not know where exactly was the introduction suppose to be. My apologies if I posted this in the wrong place.


my name is Zlatina and I’m a 3D generalist looking to improve my character skills.


Hello! I’m khaled ibrahim, I work as a character artist for Dummiah animation in Egypt
I wish i can improve my character workflow and learn tons of tips and tricks.

see you all there.