Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hello, my name is Sandra and I live in the Netherlands. I work as a 3D Specialist at Vanderlande, where I create renders, animations and VR environments for clients. I graduated as a Visual Artist, bachelor degree, and I wish to learn more about character design.


Hello Everyone!
I’m Marta Ludanyi, I’m a graphic artist and would like to become better at 3D character creation. I’ve been doing some but here I could learn from a professional!


My name is Thomas and I am currently a student in video game production wanting to focus on environmental art, definitely looking to add some character modeling to my demo reel!


Hey Johnny, welcome!

The recorded lecture will be posted on Tuesdays, Oct 1 - 22. Once it’s posted you can watch it whenever you want. These will be about 20-30 minutes.

The live Q&A webinars will be on Sundays, Oct 6-27 at 7p (although these dates may change some). These will also be recorded and shared in the forum in case you are not able to make it. These will be about an hour.

In order to be eligible to win prizes, we want to see your homework/progress! Not 100% homework required, but the more the better. :slight_smile:



Oh hey there!
My name is Paulo Hografe, also known as Hoggy because of my last name. I’m a graphics design student from São Paulo, Brazil.
I have just started to learn 3d since february of this year, and i’m really interested in 3d character art, but i’m still very bad at it, so i hope i can make some progress here.
See ya ^^


Well Hi! I hope this is the right place to introduce myself. I am 3d generalist working at the start up vr company in Korea.
I am really interested on character crration pipeline. And I couldnt just pass by after reading this awesome tutorial. Thank you!


Hello, my name is Juan Rodríguez from Spain. I usually use Blender and I want to learn all about your skills, techniques, etc :-). Thank you


Hello! My name is Yvette Hernandez :slight_smile: . I am currently an animation student and I have basic knowledge of Zbrush and Maya. I’m excited to learn and improve from this course!


Hello, my name is Matthew, I am a 3D-enthusiast, want to learn more techniques and pipelines of making CG-stuff :slight_smile:


Hello there, my name is Mickaël Sevic and I’m from France.
I’m a student in animation and I hope to learn a lot with this course.


My name is Elena, I am learning game design and I would love to learn more about making proper 3d assets!)


Hi there! Luis Tovar, 3D artist/generalist here. Looking forward to improving my character creation skills and whatever else I can learn from this course.


Hello! I’m Salomon Velasquez, im 3d animation student, I work as a 3D generalist for Animentes studios in Colombia.



Jeffry Imarhiagbe, animation student graduate, but i specialized in 3D modeling looking to improve and learn better way to make art


Hi everyone, I’m Glenese Hand – a traditional creature/fx /makeup instructor & artist working to gradually broaden my skillset to include digital techniques that can complement/enhance/transition along with such.
It’s always enjoyable to see how other artists work, so I’m looking forward to what Omar has to share with us all, seeing the work which is created by everyone, & hopefully having enough time for myself to implement those ideas into some interesting personal work!


Im Thinira Umesh fernando.
I am a Game developer. I am work in some Gamedevolping company
I have been wanting to learn Character Desing for a long time but have not had the opportunity. I appreciate the opportunity.


Jerry McClellan, founder and owner of Fantastic Dimension.


Greetings everyone!
My name is Olivia Lau and I am a 3D-artist. It’ll be a pleasure to learn new things and go on a journey with all of you! Good luck and have fun!


Hello! My name is Viktor Ljung. I’m a software developer from Sweden, who has had a long interest in 3D-modelling for a long time. I hope I can pick up some new skills by following this course :smile:


Hi, Im Simon, a freelance generalist, I’m always interested in learning more skills.