Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hi, my name is Dogukan Kengeroglu. I’m studying cartoon-animation design in Turkey. I’d like to be a 3D Character Artist in game industry. Thanks for the courses and prizes. I hope we all gonna enjoy together in this course.


Hello! I’m Jessica Wu, a 3D generalist in Taiwan, excited to learn more with everyone


I Am Zakariya I am freelancer 3d Designer working online from Bangladesh.


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My name is Siddharth Shrivastav and I am an Environment artist. Here for the knowledge.

I do not know where exactly was the introduction suppose to be. My apologies if I posted this in the wrong place.


Ok, so I think I’ve posted on the wrong thread already. :). My name is Rahul Sarkara and I’m basically a design enthusiast. I mostly do hand drawn or digital sketches and paintings. Of late I’ve been trying my hand at digital sculpting with ZBrush and I find it exhilarating to say the least. I look forward to learning from Omar and everyone attending this course. All the best!


Hi, is this the place for register? I found it because it is in small cap? I think, If this is registration,

Hi everbody, my name is Arief from Malaysia, I’m a student in 3D animation, hope I can learn from all of you


As with others, I’ll hope I’m posting this in the right place.
KC, freelance. Worked with zBrush in its early years. Been 2 years and lots of upgrades. Now need to get back to working within it for projects, so here to relearn skills that have rusted.


Hi, this is Sathya Rajarajan, hope this is the right place for my intro, I’m a lighting artist and interested in lookdev, here for knowledge.


Hi :wave:t2: , my name is Alejandro Alvarez Mejia, character modeler and sculpt, EPIX studios.


Hello, my name is Posi Olaosebikan, I am an Architecture student.
I am a 3d enthusiast learning from online resources.


Hi, my name is Filip Radivojevic and i am freelance artist. I am here to learn new stuff and that way improve my skills and my workflow.


Hi!! my name is Cristian Rangel, i’m a 3d generalist junior, I am very excited to start this course.


Hi, everyone, my name is Pedro Vasconcellos and I am a 3d rigging artist at Globo tv Studios, Brazil. Nice meeting you all!


Hi, my name is Juan Araya, and I’m a 3D generalist, and would love to take this course to expand my knowledge on this topic to improve myself, and try to keep learning a bit more every day.


Hello everyone !!! my name is Manuel J. Gallardo , i am a character artist from Granada, Spain.
I hope to learn new skills in this course, ;).


Hello my name is Anderson Im interested in this free OPORTUNITY lol, but how do I know if Im in or not? :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Alessandro Foranna, a freelance 3d modeler, and I would love to learn new tricks from all of you.


Hi, my name is Sarah Martinez. I am from the United States, and I am a student. just interested to learn new stuff.


Hey there! I’m Rhys Harant, and I’m currently a Game Art student at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. I’m a character design enthusiast that is constantly making characters for fun in 3D and 2D! I’m currently working on three separate webcomics, at least one of which will go live later in the year!


Hi guys, my Name is Victor, i`m a graphic designer trying to work with 3D characters in Brazil.
I’m currently working as a freelancer