Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hi, I`m Kirill Shmelov from Ukraine. I work as a graphic designer, but interested in Game Design & Production sphere. Seeing forward to get new expirience and knowledge.



Caco / Designer / United Futures


My name is Manuel, I am a 3d Generalist freelance with a great passion for character art! Interested in refining my skills as well as growing by learning new things to become a better artist.



Hi, my name is Laszlo Morvai Junior 3D Generalist and I am really excited about the course.


Hi, my name is Rick, Freelance digital asset creator and rigger. Always good to learn new things from other people, including pipeline methods and personal tips and tricks.


Hello everyone, my name is Leonard Halmrast, and I am an indie developer. I am very much looking forward to learning new things.


Hi everyone! My name is Trent Rivers, and I guess you could call me an amateur 3D Artist. I just learned about this course today, and I’m enormously excited to learn everything Omar has to teach us!


Hi! I’m Leigh Deliva from the Philippines! I just graduated a few months ago and I am trying to explore different paths with 3D works and design. I hope I can learn a new & more efficient way of creating wonderful characters and improve my skills with different software with this course.


Hi everyone ! I’m Bilgehan Bölek. I’m an architect but who also has the lust for the game industry. I’m working in an game studio which creates VR projects/games in Turkey and hopefully in one day our aim is to publish a 3d video game for the platforms. Right now I mainly design areas for the games, kinda doing both Environment and Level Design jobs. I have hunger for learning :slight_smile:


Hello ! Mr. OMAR HESHAM sir! respected once and everyone. Myself Krushna Wadnere am doing my education in BSC ANIMATION from INDIA in MAHARASHTRA. Its my first online course am applying I am very curious about the course for studying new things. I know basics of these softwares: photoshop, premier pro, 3ds max, maya, blender, natron .

Glad to meet you guys at 1st October.


Good Afternoon I am Seyi a graphic designer and 3d generalist from Nigeria.


Hi! I’m Mod I’ve found this course by accident. I work in Thailand as a 3D artist. 90% of my assignment are Manga style with hand painted texture. I’m very excited to try something new here!! So I’m totally in!


Hello, I’m Mario Furtado, I am a student and I’m looking forward to making a new character piece, and a way to improve myself.



My name is Edwin Reyes and I’m a Graphic Artist looking to learn Zbrush and techniques . I look forward to start. Thank you.


Hi there,
My name is Gleb Smogorzhewski. I am junior 3d artist. I want to improve my skills and learning something new. I think this course will so helpful for me. Lets start!


Hello, My Name is wilson and i am a 3d artist, always have passion about making character


Hi all! I am Ariel Chen, currently in Vancouver, a student in CG with a focus on Game character



I’m Rhett Allen. I’m a student studying game art and design. I enjoyed my ZBrush class and have been learning Maya at school and Blender outside of school. I recently taught myself basic rigging in Maya and I’m just looking for an excuse to dive back into ZBrush. I’d like to get a better grasp on rendering and learn the rest of the pipeline.


hi everyone. im Arseny Snimschicov and im an architecture student,
want to learn as mush as possible from this course.


Hi! I’m Bennet Schlenk, working as a Coder and looking to refresh my 3D skills and learn some character art! : )