Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hello and good day to you, and to all people here in CGsociety. My name is Joseph Ereno. I’m from Philippines. I’m a graphic designer. I’ve worked as a 3D visualizer before and I would like to transition to game dev. I hope that this course would help me learn and improve my skills. It was my ultimate dream to create games, environments, characters and all.


hey there iam Lakshman a full time game artist looking to improve my character design skills,


Hi every one I am vamsi, im currently working as a junior artist in a gaming studio in India. I am very much interested working on creatures. I hope this is very good opportunity to improve my skills.Thank you.


welcome all the best


Hi , Thank you for giving this valuable opportunity for us. I’m Samantha and i’m a student from Sri Lanka. Very interesting to join this webinar.

First Name : M.A.Samantha
Last Name : Pushpa Kumara

Thank You.


Hi! I Am Gus and I am freelance 3d modeler. I want to learn new skills.


Hello there i’m Jakub right now doing master degree in IT and i hope to expand my skills in zbrush with this course


Hi, I’m Peter, I’m a CS Student and Sys Admin for an animation company, looking to know more about 3D Modelling and Texturing.



I Am Vispi Irani and I am freelance Fx TD


Hi! I Am Smyshliaiev Andrii from Ukraine. I am 3D environment Artist at Plarium. Looking forward to learn some new tips and tricks from this course)


Brad Lewis
3D Artist
Animatech Studios


Hi there!, My name is Tony and I’m a 3D artist looking for a good pipeline and tips and tricks from people in the industry. So, let’s do this! Have fun everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Sarah Jessica Fioretto and I’m a 3D enthusiast. I’ve just finished a course in CGI in Italy and I’m currently looking for contract or full time employment. I’m very excited about this course. Thanks for this great opportunity to learn, improve and create.


Hello everyone,
My name is Candice Woon and I’m a recent graduate with BFA in Visual Effects. My goal is to continue learning new skills and I’m especially interested in rendering in Vray.
I look forward to working with you all in this course!


Hey, my name is Nathan Vimongkhonh and like everyone else here, I have an interest in learning 3D character workflow. I don’t expect to do as well as some other more practiced artists here, but I’m hoping to gain some valuable information from a pro. My main goal I have for this course is just to have a better understanding of the process that we’d go through and try to get a feel for it.


Hi there!
My name is André Bessa, I’m a motion designer.


Gilberto Izquierdo, student. I’m an illustrator who lately has been interested in digital sculpting and the character modeling pipeline.

These are some examples of my 3d modeling work:


Hello Everyone,
I’m Marta Ludanyi, work as a graphic artist. I’m a big fan of characters, designs and 3D characters. I would like to join to 3D character creation course and learn form a professional!


Hi, im David from Spain. I would like to improve my skills and learn more about character sculpting and pipeline.


Hello everyone,

I’m Antonio Castillo, a Spanish junior artist in 3D. This course looks good to improve my skills and workflow. I hope to learn as much as possible in the creation of the character.