Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


My name is Artyom Zlobin and I am an ArchVIz freelancer.


Hi. My name is Andrey Shelkov. iam a 3d animator at alfa games studo


Hi. Eva Gelia. 3D Modeller.


I am Alex Kiselev. I’m starter-level modeller) I’d like to try to do something cool)


Greetings from a cornfield in Indiana,

I’m Josh, I move boxes around warehouses, boxes into trucks, boxes off of trucks, boxes onto planes, boxes off of planes. If there’s time after moving boxes I’d like to learn some more about 3D computer graphics.


Hey there, my name is Joao Rosa and I am a alumni at the university of Brighton in Hastings, UK. Currently looking for freelance or full time work, I saw the ad for this free course and thought it would be a good opportunity to learn new things and meet with you guys. :slight_smile:


Hi, Mark Smirnov, hard surface 3d artist


Hi!! I’m Nastya Zakharova. I’m self-taught artist from Russia


Hi to all, everyone looks excited for the course!

My name is Andrew Chiang and i work in a 3D printing company in NY. I wish to start working in the film or game industry so i hope this course will be a good starting point!

Thanks for the time.


Good morning! My name is Gennadii, iam from Moskow. Iam not a student. I hope your course will be very good! Good luck and thank you.


Hello everyone! A bit confused with registration process, hope I’m doing it right. My name is Lena. I’m from Kazakshtan, Almaty. Recently started developing games. Also a few months ago I finished 3d Maya course and at this point I want to expand my knowledge.

Thanks a lot!


My name is Alex Budnariu, Freelance Unreal Artist working for Polyart Studio. Looking forward to the course.


Hi there!am Nahom Seyoum and I am an Architecture student.I am self thought 3d artist and want to learn high quality characters for animation.
and I love free course :joy:


My name is Adrian Parkinson. I’m a freelance artist currently living in South Africa. I do archviz work for a living, but I’d like to expand into character modeling soon.


This is the first time I’m replying (and registering) here on CGsociety, so please don’t be mad if I do something wrong :slight_smile: Hope I won’t.

My name is Anastasia Hasiuk, I’m a freelance 2D artist. Hope this course will give me the insight of a pro 3D character pipeline as I wan’t to get to the next level of creating characters - 2D is not enough.

Thank you for the chance to participate! Such an experience!


My name is Kevin Leiss and I am from Germany. I started teaching myself 3D earlier this year and I am very excited about this workshop and I hope we can all learn a lot and maybe make some connections on the way. I hope to someday work for games of movies or at least do some sort of character based art.

happy learning!


Hello! My name is Omar. I’m a freelance 3d generalist from Malaysia. I learned 3d through online tutorials and can’t wait to learn something new. Thank you for the chance to participate!


Hello there, my name is Celio Terceiro and I am a 3d animation student at Faculdade Melies in Brazil.

Greetings from Brazil.


Hello everyone! My name is Weilun Chin, I’m a character artist (try to be anyway) and I’m here for more knowledge about character pipeline and hopefully get some feedbacks so I can try and get a job xD


Hi, Im Esriq Hidil from England but living in Canada. I currently work in the VFX industry as a IT support role and would love to learn more about 3D Character workflows.