Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hi there!.

I’m Fernanda Vazquez and I’m from Mexico .
I am an environment modeler and i also love to draw.
i’m currently graduated from an animation career, but i’m taking more classes and i’m improving my portfolio :sparkles:


Hello! My name is Mary. I’m frome Ukraine. I"m just lerning 3D at the moment. I hope to be 3D artist


Hi everyone
My name is Larin Artem and i’m 3d architectural visualizer from Ukraine
Here i’m looking for some new skills and expierience


Hi everyone, my name is Victoria Horas. I’m a 3D character student aiming for game development.


Hi, I’m 3D generalist. Looking to gain experience in ZBrush, Substance and Houdini character rigging and animation.

  • Mark Straw , Johannesburg, South Africa


Hi, My name is Borja, I’m a Junior 3D artist from Spain, and im looking forward to improve my skills :smiley:


Hello everyone!
My name is Beatrice Gröger and I’m a German 3D and Motion Capture artist at metricminds. One of my colleagues showed us this course at work and I would like to take the opportunity to improve my 3D skills. I’m excited to start the course and curious what everyone will create :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m Nika Levi, 3d artist. I’m looking forward to improve my skills!


Hello there,
I hope I write in the correct place.
I’m Bálint Szarka from Hungary. I’ve been working as a general 3D artist for around 4 or 5 years now. In my spare time I try to do characters because I would really like to be a character artist some day, but I feel like it’s still a long way there. I’m really interested in this course. I can’t wait.


Hello! My name is Daryna Pedan and I’m starting to learn 3d, so I hope to get a lot of new information!


my name is Carlo Ballot , i’m freelance Fx Td and i would really love to partecipate this course.
Thanks alot for this!


Hello! my name is Sarah Stewart and I just recently graduated with an emphasis on rigging and am working as a contractor for now. Hope to learn what knowledge you have and to improve on what I already know!!


Hello! My name is Ricardo Torres Funes, im a 3d generalist from mexico.But i really want to focus on character production for games. I hope i can improve a lot with this course. Thanks a lot!


Wilkins, Dessalines
Inspiring Digital Artist for Film/tv. Currently dont work for a studio but thats my dream. Currently live in Jacksonville Florida


Hi, my name is Andrew Thomas, im a 3D Artist a small company called AiSolve who’s trying to get back into character art after a long time, hoping to refresh and upgrade my skillset!


Hi, I am Cristian Pall, I am a colleague to the guy who commented above and want to give him some competition. -> not that the other hundreds are not enough.


Hi , I am Michael Akinfenwa, a recent vfx graduate, looking to grow my creative skills and get into the industry,thank you


Hello, everyone! I’m Hijas. working as a 3D Artist at amazon :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Aleksandr and I’d like to join to this course!
I’m self-educating, have some experience in Zbrush. Mainly I’m modeling simple low-poly gameready props


Hello everyone!
Alexey Leo Tkachenko, inspired art student of environment concept art. Insterested in chararcter design as well. Starting with 3D: Zbrush,Blender.