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Hi there! I will be sharing my 3D character workflow with you during this course. We’ll also be going over my production pipeline from modeling, texturing, lookDev and rendering. I’m excited to share the various tips and tricks that go into the process of bringing this character to life. I’ll be covering organic and hard surface modeling/texturing as well as hair grooming and rendering. Stay tuned!

Now it’s your turn - register by introducing yourselves below. First name, last name, student/title and/or studio.

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My introduction
Using Course Classmate Discussions
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Using Course Classmate Discussions
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My introduction
My introduction

Forgive me if I placed this in the incorrect section, I’m very new to using the forum. If this is incorrect, would it be possible for you to move it to it’s proper thread. Thank you.

This is with regards to the Character Pipeline and Rendering course:

Now it’s your turn - register by introducing yourselves below. First name, last name, student/title and/or studio.

According to the instructions above, it states that I have to make an introduction. I’m Jan Estra and I’m a CS student. I’ve used Zbrush before and I wish to get better with my sculpting skills.


Hello there,

I am also not sure where exactly to place the introduction to the Character Pipeline and Rendering course, so I decide to reply my classmate colleague in this thread. Apologies if I am placing it in the wrong thread! I am Samia, PhD candidate and 3d modeller hobbyist. By joining this group, I hope I can learn tons from all of you, besides exchange tips/knowledge in sculpting, texturing, lighting and rendering disciplines. Looking forward to start this short journey beginning at October 1st.

See you all there!


I think I found the forum:


Good Morning. My name is Rahul Sarkara. I’m from India but I live and work in the United Arab Emirates. I thoroughly enjoy designing, pencil sketches and digital painting mostly. I’ve just started dabbling in ZBrush and find it extremely exhilarating. I really look forward to getting the best out of this course and learning from an industry expert. Owing to the time zone differences, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend all the webinars, but I look forward to interacting and learning from everyone here. Thank you!


Hi! I Am Beliak Dmytriy and I am freelance 3d architectural visualizator. I try to find myself in gamedev, so at this cource I wish to obtain new skills in zbrush and pipeline at all.


Hi everyone,
Im Perry Nally and I’m a student, though I work in the software industry I’ve always had a passion for creating CG. I’ve not participated much over the years, but it’s now time to step it up and start creating what my heart has always wanted to do; create.
I’m from Arizona.


Hello! I’m Niko Peltoniemi, I work as a Web developer and 3D generalist for LM Someco in Finland.
I have a long background in 3d visualisation and animation, but I’ve never learned character design.


Hi there,

I’m Marc, I am a computer animation student. I am currently in my second year at university and I want to start modeling my own characters to use in my animations. Cant wait to start the course!


hello everyone !!! my name is oliver jaramillo , i am self-taught cg character artist living in ecuador.
hope to learn new skills in this course.


Hello, everyone! I’m Markus Norrgran I’m web developer and freelance artist in Finland. My history is in game business and my role were in design, animation and concept art. So I hope, I’ll learn something new on this field of skills.


Hello all!
My name is Jaron Wilding, a VFX artist in Perth, Australia. I’m currently a 4th year student at Murdoch University, where I study Games Art (basically making games using Unreal and Unity). I love to program tools for my art, so I consider myself a technical artist. Hope to learn new skills and methods in this course!


Greetings everyone. I’ll mirror the confusion and assume this is the proper location for the requisite introduction for posting my background for registration for the course.

My name is David Krein, I worked in the videogame industry as a character animator in the 2000s and the economic downturn at the time prevented my continued working in the industry and have since gone into other industries. I’m forever an animator though and wish to return to 3D professionally once more, or at least get back into it as an artist for hobby and education’s sake. I’m out of practice with newer tools and pipelines, so the email seemed to call to me out of nowhere describing the course, so I’m taking it as a whisper that it will assist with tools I would need to round out my knowledge of animation with rendering and modeling pipelines as a starting point.

I look forward to seeing how things have evolved in the last 10 years.


Hello, I’m Kiril Tchangov, I’m looking forward to make a new character peice, and a way to improve myself.


My Name is Abdel, I am a 3D Artist. I work at Huawei


Hello, my name is Feri, I teach graphic design and 3D graphics at my business, 25/7 Design Studio. I’m preparing a new character rigging module, and for that, I need a good character model, but something else always comes in that looks more important, and I’ve been postponing this task long enough, so I thought, participating in a character modeling contest could give me a deadline, and it’s always good to see other instructor’s approaches, there’s always room for improvement and new methods, so here I am. :slight_smile:


My name’s Trevor I’m a 3d Generalist and im always interesting in learning new and old things from different perspective.


Hi everyone,

I’m Federico Cecchini a software developer from Italy and passionate about 3D world and CGI.
I started many years ago with Blender just for curiosity and it was love at first sight. Over time I also learned Maya, ZBrush and various compositing and video editor programs.
I’m very courious about this course and i’ll do my best to learn as many things as possible furthermore I hope to know new interesting people to from whom to learn even more.

Good luck to everyone!!!


Hey there every body,

My name is Leo , I am a 3d artist working now for a digital agency called Demodern, that develops digital experiences in VR and AR, before that I worked around 3 years developing games. I am looking forward to the course and meeting you all here.



Hi there ) My name is Serghei Lebeda live in Republic of Moldova ) im a generalist - now working at tv channel - and doing freelance - modeling lookdev xgen and loots of stuff ) and willing to learn new things all the time ))