Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hi, I’m Sara, 3D artist. Looking forward to learn more about environment design and improve my painting skills!


My name is Simona Cojocariu and I am an Animation student in UK!


Hello! I’m Amanda Chin and currently an animation student based in the UK. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Agnieszka Kowalczyk. Currently I’m working as an 2D/3D animator in game industry. For my personal progress I’m learning some digital painting.


Hola , I’m Alberto, a student. I’m very much looking forward to this course.


Hi im Mike Neronskii im a student and freelance artist


Hi all,

I’m Emmett Mc Namara and I’m a hobbyist interested in expanding my skill set!


Hey Everyone,

My name is David Fernandez, and I’m a Storyboard Artist for 9Story animation. I’m excited for this course, concept design is a huge passion of mine and I’m looking to hone my skills in that arena! I’d love to one day see my work up on a movie screen, so I hope to break into concept design for film or video games.


Hola mi nombre es Mike, soy estudiante de Cgi y me gustaría expandir mis conocimientos.


Hi everybody!

I’m Gabriel Boos, and I’m a recent 2D animation graduate (now job searching/freelancing) who’s excited to learn! Can’t wait to get to know more about environmental design, which I feel like is my weakest area. :sweat_smile:


Hi all! I’m Kelvin Jin, I’m a hobbyist who’s looking to expand my breadth in drawing and design. Looking forward to the class!


Hey, my names Noor Abou-Seido, from Ottawa, Canada. I work as a background artist at Jam filled Entertainment, a television animation company in town. Really excited to learn from David and everyone here! :slight_smile:


Hi there, my name is Marie-Andree, and I have been a Background Painter going on for almost 4 years now on some really fun shows for some cool studios! I’m here to get better on my perspective, and my composition when it comes to doing layouts as I haven’t been the best in that department! I’m so excited to see what everyone comes up with! :slight_smile:


Hi there, my name is Chris. I’m looking forward to starting this course and improving my concept skills. Thanks


Hi Everyone!!

My name is Weslley, I’m “student” very new to all of this, I was just a crazy kid who liked to play with clay imagining worlds inside my mind, didn’t even knew this would lead to a great passion that is art, but I really want to learn at any place, just pursuing passions, much obliged!!


Hi, I am Jieting Qian. Graduate student in design program. really interested in this course. Thank you!


Daniele Tsai, new to environment art and want to learn the basics.


Hi, i am Sergio Cavalcanti, graduate student in graphic design and i want to work with concept art .


Hello, my name is Richard Nguyen. I am currently an Illustration student, and am hoping on learning how to design environments. Looking forward to learn with all of you guys.


hello my name is Cristian Navarro, I am a student of graphic design, I love 2d illustration and animation, I currently work as a freelance illustrating and animating for some small brands.