Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hi, my name is Karoline Mordzik. I’m currently working as freelancer. In the near future I want to finish my portfolio and get a job as an illustrator in a game development studio. Thank you very much for provided opportunity!


Hi! My name is Alex Morgan, a Spanish Design Graduate now studying a Master in Concept Art imparted by Centro Pixels in the city of Bilbao. I’m looking forward to improve my skills and enhance my knowledge thanks to the opportunity this course offers! Thank you so much for your time!


Hello, My name is Scott Keating, I’m an illustrator and comic book artist. Mostly looking to get a better handle on environment design and lighting.


Hi, I’m Andrea, I’m a student in school of 3d animation in Paris, and I want to lean new software and techniques.


Hi, my name is Leilani Olsen. I’m a full time web & graphic designer and have been wanting to work my way more into illustration. I draw and paint in my free time and love digital painting. I’m so excited to be learning from David Harrington!


Hello! My name is Max Ivanov and I am the student of New Art School, Saint Petersburg, Russia. I’m a beginning artist and I really enjoy the work performed by Blizzard artists. I usually draw using SAI, but recently I’ve drawn Thrall in water-colours, it was exciting. Now I’m really glad to be taught by such an expert like you. Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to the beginning of the course.


Hi everyone! My name is Ivan Cipriani, from Italy (but live in the UK) - I’ve been compositing for films in the past 10 years, but my background is far from drawing and I’ve been wanting to learn this skills since a long time… now that I have some time off I look forward to the challenges of this course! Looks pretty cool! :wink:


Hello my name is Rafael I am freelance designer and illustrator. I like digital painting and I want to learn more in this group.
Greetings from Chile


Hello all, my name is Stefano Grande and I’m an architect from Italy. I work mostly on exposition for science museums where the concept sketches drawn and digitally colored of a project, atmosphere or exhibit is the key of an impressive presentation. My firm is and we are in Genoa from 2012.


Hi I am Brendan Rich, Currently developing my skills as a Illustrator. Checkout instagram @brennybloom


Hello, my name is Reuben McGill. Art is more of a hobby for me now. I am interested in this course, but I have no digital software. I currently use traditional tools to draw. Would I be allowed to use some free trial software or is there any way for me to participate?


Hello! Evgeniy Ivchenkov, St.Petersburg, Russia. Student illustrator. Currently working on improving my skills in digital 2D.


Hi, my name is Dmitriy Sorokin, I’m from Ukraine and I look forward to learn some new skills from such great teachers.


I’m Ginger Opal, a freelancer with a webcomic. I work primarily in Photoshop, but have always wanted to try Corel
Painter. My art has been on hold for a few years as I recover from an injury, and now I’m ready to art again. This class will be an excellent opportunity to improve upon where I left off and update my portfolio.


Hello! My name is Shane O’Shea and I’m a 3D artist at Wayfair. I love environment design and visualization in 3D and would love to be better at exploring and pre-visualizing my ideas in 2D and concept art prior to making a 3D rendition and would love to see what I can get out of this course! Thanks so much for offering and am excited to get started!


My name is Jamie, I am a multi-disciplinary industrial / graphic designer. Looking to successfully make the move to entertainment design. Thanks so much for this


Hi , I am Liz Hill and I am a freelance fantasy artist. I do mostly traditional art but have been wanting to do more digital for a while. My art focuses on characters more than the environment so I’m looking forward to improving my art and challenge myself with something new.


Hi, This is Chi Fei Wong. I have formal education in Fine Arts, Animation and 3D Gaming and I have many years of experience working as a 3D artist in the architectural visualization field. Being currently out of work, I am reworking my portfolio and looking to get into the gaming industry. This course is just a perfect opportunity for me to learn and hone my 2D art skills.


Hey I am Sam Braithwaite and I am a storyboard revisionist for cartoons. I want tog get better with my environments so this will be awesome!


Hello everyone!
My name is Mirjam Makovec and I am a 3D animation student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I have been mainly focusing on my 3D skills, so my drawing abilities aren’t the best. I hope I can improve them.