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Hi, I’m using the “Create Reference” option of Maya to add the character to my scene in case the rig have changes. But i can’t make Syflex work with a Reference file.

I tried to add the cloth in the original character file and it works, but then when i reference that file in my scene, the cloth goes away from the body but not completely. The same happens if I put the cloth in the scene and in the referenced character.

Does anybody has a solution for this? I want to keep the file reference so I can update my rig file.



I’ve had the exact same problem. It has something to do with the colon in the name or namespaces. I think I always had to resort to importing my rig into the scene.

If you can’t import your rig, try duplicating the skin so that you have a copy of it locally in the file that isn’t referenced. Make sure there is no colon, ( : ), in the name. Wrap deform it to the skin of the referenced character. Then use that as your collison object.

Hope that helps,


look in your maya file,

r u ref’n like this?

file -rdi 1 -rpr “booChar_skin” -rfn “booChar_skinRN” “/dev/null/”;
file -r -rpr “booChar_skin” -dr 1 -rfn “booChar_skinRN” “/dev/null/”;

this way doesn’t make “:” for me… in maya 7


Thanks for the help, but I’m not so proficient with Maya. What I do is go to the menu and select File > Reference File. Then in the browser menu i select the file and that’s it I get a referenced file in my scene.

So where can i find how my ref is made and how can i change it? So I can try the ideas you gave me.



Actually, I thought syflex fixed this? sure u have the latest version?

some of these file flags may be my shop specific,
and I don’t use the gui often,

but I think if u try this, edit and paste into script editor.

string $charName = “YourCharName”;
string $fileName = “/path/to/”;

file -r -rpr $charName -dr 1 -rfn ($charName+“RN”) $fileName;
file -loadReference ($charName+“RN”) $fileName;


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