Redshift sliding texture


I am using a triplanar node in Redshift- set to reference on an object that has UVs. (tag also set to UV)

What am I missing? The material slides over the surface on a joint deformed object.

Any clues, tips, appreciated.



screenshot please


If you’re using triplanar projection with deforming objects, try changing the triplanar “projection space type” from Object to Reference.

(Oh wait…after re-reading your post you already tried that 8(…yeah, would need to see the file.)

From the little bit of testing I’ve done, it seems like triplanar overrides c4d’s projection method, so what you see in the view window changes based on UVW|Cubic|Spherical but what renders in RS stays the same.

Does the same thing happen if you deform with a bend deformer?


Hi -

In this image there are parts that slide and static parts…

I’ve mocked up a file which is replicates my issue. No login required.

Thanks for your time. M


Hmm, looks like the subdivision surface is part of the problem. If you check it off the texture stops sliding.
Also, don’t know if it would affect things, but the cylinder wasn’t optimized so the cap has double verts with the main cylinder body.


Awesome, thanks - I just used RS subdivision instead and its all fine. Just getting used to RS.