Redshift ramp follow UV mapping?


Hey guys

I’m trying to have the ends of an object fadeout using a ramp. The object is S shaped and fluted on the ends and it would be great if I could control this with a ramp instead of painting an opacity map. Any ideas if this is possible? I’ve attached a simple shape.

RampOnUV.c4d (221.6 KB)


Just connect a Rs ramp to the material ‘Overall > Opacity Color’.
Make sure your Ramp is set to ‘Source = UV Map’
…and you should be good to go - if your UV’s are OK.

Tweak the ramp knots as required of course.


Thanks Mike!

Tried that but it still doesn’t seem to want to work like expected. Sounds like that should work.


You just need to straighten up your UV’s in the UV editor - so thay are running vertically. Looking at your file the UV’s are angled across the UV tile. Rotate the UV island so it’s upright.