Redshift Change Range Node


Hi everyone,
Is there any document about Redshift nodes to get detailed information? (I know there are some videos but I need deep explanations)


Have you tried reading the official redshift documentation?


Hi NorthernDoubt,
Yes I’ve checked that but there is very smattering. I need to understand its parameters and how it is work…
Thank you.


Odd, it looks at detailed as the vray manual to me, I read and executed every part of the manual until I fully understood each part, made a huge difference in my work. What specifically are you looking for?


sorry for late answer.
Exactly same to me. I need to understand it deeply. But C4D document is not enough to understand for me sadly. I can’t understand those inputs and their functions clearly so every time I found myself try and error usage. After your “other software documents” notes I will definitely check them as well. Thank you James.


Sorry I cant be of more help, Im not a redshift user - only Vray/Corona. Took me many years to get the basics for Vray even with reading and trial/error. Maybe the redshift forums will be a quicker way to get information regarding your specific issues your having. Good luck.