Redshift Asset Manger - Suggested Path vs Real Path



I’m having a huge problem with all my Cached files having a red X in the status column and no file path under REAL PATH.

Yet, my XP cache indicates it’s cached. My mograph cache indicates it’s cached, but apparently, redshift manager does see this as the case.

My setup is the following…
I have a workstation and keep all my files on a QNAP system. Nothing is local so my farm can access everything as needed.

Why would this happen?

How can I Globalize the paths automatically?



I think my problem is the caching and such is not creating an Absolute Path automatically.

How does one do this?


Are you referring to “baked” Redshift proxies? If so, I’ve found that one way to make them work is to place them in the /tex folder next to your project file, together with any coverted textures that they might need to reference.