Recreating Pasha Ho's dynamic scaling effect


Hey! So I was amazed by this project by Pasha Ho who created a dynamic scaling effect with Python.

Here is the video:

And a sketch of the rough way it’s scaling:

You can see more on his Behance

Question: Since I’m not going to dive into Python, any idea on how to recreate this effect using c4d’s native or external plugins?

I tried using mograph cloner and messing around with the shader effector, also tried with voronoi fracture but nothing feels as dynamic.

Any ideas?



Pencils can be done with Xpresso.
Shipment crate walls with turtle graphics.
Tiles using a positive rectangle and a negative spline. Animate the spine with PLA manually.
You can try Clones with Scaling per polygon centre with Fracture Modifier and some Shader Effector but you won’t achieve the close stacking with any of those tools.



Check this for the pencils effect
check it at 5:00

Exactly does it :slight_smile: