Record garment animation works fine but glitches on replay in marvelous designer



I ran into a MD issue. The garment animates just fine when recording, but when I replay the animation inside MD, It glitches. Does this have something to do with the garment size? I simulated it perfectly fine but if I’m being honest, I am a beginner.


I found MD to be quite glitchy. Try changing the simulation quality to the highest preset and rerun the sim. Sometimes it records the sim with an offset of 1 frame - if you export an alembic to c4d, you can dial in that offset in the alembic object, so it’s correct again.

2 tips that did cost me a week of troubleshooting:

Export from md a thin cloth only; add thickness via c4d cloth object. Alembic Ogawa is preferable as an interchange format

Never export trims or buttons from md. Those have the most horrible uvs and geo known to man, causing freezes and crashes and problems. Remodel these details in C4d and attach them via Constraints or Mograph to your cloth.