Recommend me processor for Marvelous Designer


Hello, I need to build budget PC for working in Marvelous Designer. I’m thinking which processor to choose for faster simulation. intel i7-3930K, or AMD Ryzen 5 1600? I like AMD more, but someone told me that it’s not optimized for MD. Is it true? Thanks


Not enough information here. Both processors you mentioned aren’t the best options. In fact the 3930K is quite old and outdated. The Ryzen 1600 is two generations behind too.

Tell us about your current system and give a budget for this upgrade.

The most important factor for MD and its simulations is core frequency not core count, afaik. But that alone doesn’t mean anything. You also need at least 16gb of RAM and a decent gpu for viewports.


Thanks for your reply! I’m building pc for the first time. At this moment I’m using Asus rog laptop for modeling in MD, with 16 GB RAM, i7 4710HQ processor and GTX 860m graphics card. I need to build PC for faster simulation. My budget is about 1500$.


You’re welcome.
Besides MD, are there any other applications you regularly use? The budget is adequate for a decent Workstation. I could give you some general guidelines or suggest a specific list of parts if I knew your general workflow.


Great! Besides MD, I also use Photoshop and Keyshot.


That’s why I asked. Photoshop wants good Single Threaded performance but Keyshot is a cpu renderer, so the more cores the merrier.

This is a build that is fast enough and future proof too.
PCPartPicker Part List
If I was you, I would probably pick 2x16gb RAM (32gb total), now that RAM is fairly cheap. Ryzen cpus favor faster RAM, that’s why I picked frequency at 3600MHz. You won’t exceed you budget by a great deal, PCPartPicker Part List


Thanks so much! I have also checked MD website and they recommend Intel Corei7 3.0Ghz or higher.
They don’t mention AMD for PC. So, I had doubts about ryzen processors.


Their hardware requirements section is a bit old I’d say. Don’t worry. New AMD Ryzen processors are almost on par with Intel’s chips in Single Threaded Tasks, but are also much faster in cpu rendering for lower prices (you’re interested in that feature due to Keyshot in particular).
If want the absolute best for MD solely, then the best cpu right now is the 9900K, which costs ~500$ but is inferior in cpu rendering compared to the 3900X. Furthermore, it’s certain that if you go for AMD’s X570 platform you will be able to upgrade to the Ryzen 4000 series as soon as they come out. I’m 100% sure that these processors will surpass Intel’s flagships in STP tasks too.

It’s your choice. Here’s an Intel based system within your budget if you want to go for Intel:
PCPartPicker Part List


I just saw some great news about the upcoming MD 9. It includes, among others, blazing fast gpu simulation.
See here