Realtime Character Study, Andrew Giovannini (3d)


Title: Realtime Character Study

Name: Andrew Giovannini

This piece was done primarily to learn and study the workflow and software necessary to create a modern real-time character for video games. The likeness is based on Leonardo DiCaprio.
I learned the general workflow from a class taught by Adam Skutt over at Game Art Institute. Xgen + Arnold was used to create Hair Card Textures. Hair Cards were then placed by hand in Maya. TexuringXYZ was utilized for the tertiary detail on the face skin, eyes, and hands. The HighPoly head was sculpted in Zbrush. All of the hard-Surface assets were also modeled in Zbrush utilizing sculpting re-topology techniques along with Zmodeler. Low Poly versions were done with a combination of Topogun and Maya. The Clothing was initially created with Marvelous Designer, then sculpted and detailed with Zbrush. Mari, Photoshop, and Substance Painter were used for creating textures. All finder Rendered imaged were done in Marmoset Toolbag 3.


Way to finish this one out!


Thanks! It was quite the journey. Thankful to the classes you guys put together.