Realistic eyes using Vray?


I found this on this site, but there seems to be a large gap between the lectures in which he actually did all that stuff to make the eye look real. Like, he opens the node editor (or hypergraph), and all the stuff is already there.

I’m just wondering if there’s any good free tutorials around for making realistic eyes using Vray? Or any more elaborate explanation of what this guy did, that I just overlooked.


Does work in every render like this.


Thank you, though sad to say, I was a bit late on getting back to this, as my trial for Vray ran out, and I really can’t afford to pay what they want fora plugin (as I am still just learning the program).

One more question though if anyone can answer me this.

The character that I’m making has rather large cat style irises, is there a way to use the above tutorial (with some modifications) to make that look good?

FYI: for a better idea of what I’m talking about, search 'Wilykat 2011" in google pictures.

I would still prefer the tutorial be for Vray, as I do plan to pick it up again when I have more money.


Grab the free Renderman version and this tutorial.