Reading / Writing from Google Sheets


Could someone please show me a simple practical example of reading and writing data from google sheets through maxscript? It could be through dotnet or python, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been trying everything but I can’t even get past the login-in stage. Any help would be tremendously appreciated! :slight_smile:



I am aware that an API exists for google sheets, but the problem is that I have literally no clue how to use it. I tried reading the documentation for hours but I am still no closer to getting any results. I’m not a programmer and I’ve never imported foreign libraries or parsed information from the web before and it’s way over my head. Could you please provide a simple example of reading the value of cell A1 of some publicly available spreadsheet. I’m sure if I see how that is made I can have the base needed to do everything else.


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it also have the option whether you let another person to edit the sheet or not or only visible to them in term of making things quite well.


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