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The CGJobs forum offers a place for employers to advertise positions for free.

All postings are moderated before showing up.

We will not accept jobs using public email services such as Gmail, or Hotmail, please use a company email address only.

We do not accept advertising for “free” work. This includes deferred payment jobs, and jobs for pitches that “will pay if we get funding”.

Please do not respond with personal information in threads.

Please only post studio job ads in this forum, this is not a contract work marketplace.

No recruitment agencies, please.

Please do not flood the forum with lots of simultaneous threads. If you’re hiring for a number of different roles, please post a single thread with a title indicating that you’re hiring for multiple positions.

Make sure your CGTalk profile represents your company, and that you have relevant contact details in the listing.


Welcome back CGJobs to the CGSociety forums,

This is a position it had some years back. The CG artist community will appreciate that getting the jobs in front of them is our highest priority. This is in addition to the Premium Jobs available over at [CGJobs]( 

 This should also be seen as an incentive to CGSociety members to make their [CGPortfolios]( 'CGJobs' ready.  While CGSociety shows the jobs to you, 'talent-matching' technology in [CGPortfolio]( will also direct employers to you as well. Remember, only employers using Premium Ads will see the targeted talent details in CGPortfolio.
 No *unpaid* work will be advertised here in the forums. 

Those jobs will be deleted.

 Please send any queries you might have to me at [email=""][/email].


I for one am glad to see this come back.



Can you please bring back the “Artist looking for work” section ?

Artists being the primary users of this forums i believe that it would be more helpful for artists and cater to the needs directly than the employers. Right now this seems the place for only employers to advertise/announce.


Is there a place in these forums that is appropriate for posting unpaid gigs?


Great that this is back. I wonder though how the distinction between paid and unpaid jobs are made.

How is a job that’s not paid by money in the hand right away but rather paid by a percentage of the profit after the whole project is done or paid with a partnership in a company classified - is that considered a paid or unpaid job? What about other types of “flexible/alternative” payment methods? What I’m at is knowing where the line between the two “types” of jobs goes :slight_smile:


Short answer; no.

The restrictions are not as strong on the CGJobs site, so you’d be welcome to pay for an ad for a free gig.


Sorry guys I didn’t follow your rules about posting up contracts,

is there somewhere I can do that on cgs?


Hey - i want to meet illustrators in my area to build a pool of people that we want to work with - where should i make an announcement for that? It’s mostly 2d work, but it’s paid and professional and we want a good relationship with the creatives/illustrators involved over a longer term…

All pointers are appreciated!

Thank you,


Hi guys, last year I posted two or three listings for artists to quote for some jobs on an ad-hoc basis. I worked with two artists and paid them accordingly. I’ve just tried to post another couple of threads for artists and they are not going live!

All I’m after is a 3D artist for animations and stills and a 2D artist for packaging backgrounds.

Any reason my threads are not being posted?



Since you can’t post contract jobs here, where would anyone suggest posting these type of jobs?



HI, 7ate9 Entertainment seeks CG pros to hire on a contract/ freelance basis. Do you have a place here for that? Thanks so much!

David Glasgal
Coordinating Producer
7ate9 Entertainment


Where should we post freelance work opportunities? Can’t find a forum for that. Thanks!


Could you please check my posting ??? cuz I have posted 1 week before but still no shows… you also can contact me via we’re IKEA Communications in Sweden.