Reaching out


Hello, my name is Riley Sawyer and I’m a student taking a Bachelor in Fine Arts.

My education is extremely broad. It involves working with web design, vectors, photo manipulation, 3d modeling, and animation. In short I now how to use the tools but I suck at making anything worthwhile. So I came her to seek help. I want to learn how to be a better illustrator, modeler and animator, and I would be extremely grateful if someone reached out and gave me a few pointers.

I can’t wait to meet you people.


Hi Riley,

It seems that there are only a few members that are active in this member only forum.
Hopefully more people will join in.

Anyways, just dropping by to say hi, because i’m new too. :smiley:
I migth turn to you for some pointers later on if you don’t mind (seeing that you are clearly more experienced than i am)
Hope i can be of assistance too, although i can’t see how, lol.

Okay then, have a great day
Bye for now . . .


Hello Ken, (oops)

Good to meet you, and no I wouldn’t mind helping you out. Send me a link to a portfolio or website and I can critique some of your work.

See ya 'round


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