Rat, Shiva3d (3D)


Once again…

Date 7.2002
time to complette - 1 week
PC: Cel733/256M
Soft - 3Dmax + vray + Shag:fur + DeepPaint3D + Photoshop

Character designer - http://www.gagneint.com/Michael Gagne :buttrock:


wow, this is great. I know the concept is not yours, but you did a great job with the modeling, and the textures fit it perfectly. This kinda style is really cool and you pulled it off quite well. Also, great job on your zip image too. I think if he had glowing eyes it would fit better with the rest of him, but that’s just a personal preference. Keep up the good work!


I love this character…and you really pull it out :wink:
Great job… I hope you’ll win cg talk choice award :smiley:


wow man,great character,looks really awesome
no crits.
keep it up:buttrock:


:eek: That’s a rat from Cernobil :surprised
Grate work !!


AWESOME!! hehe… kinda reminds me of William Birkin from Resident Evil 2… perhaps this is what would happen to a rat, if it was injected with the G-Virus… ooooh… kickass, dude…


I love this I have seen it before but it looks alot better with the fur and textures… oh did you keep up with that prposal you made of doing a model a week… I think that was you, right?


thats a nice character ,good job


Wow! Never seen it before, looks totally original, love the teeth, really great job!:thumbsup:


Wow!, I love this type of monsters…, the character design is great, but the model is AWESOME!.:applause: :thumbsup:


That’s one psycho rat dude :thumbsup: !


Its the perfect picture to put on my tupperware so no one steals my food from the fridge at work! LOL… great image, love the teeth… sorta reminds me of the sh*t weasels from that Stephen King Dreamcatcher movie… sort of… keep up the great work!

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fanboy, :buttrock:



Cool! At first I thought that it was a Photoshop drawing. But you can rig and animate your drawing. I like your style.

Now, do you really think that a rat trap will even be an option?


Seems to be a popular subject:)

Evil Mouse part 1


…i ve just bough the figurine,really fan of this style…



Michel is a really nice guy and a great artist.

If you get a chance to talk to him at a convention get him to personalize your books…

…in my Frenzied Fauna book he drew me one of my favourite animals…a platypus…

…really nice guy.

I will have to forward this link to him…

Very nice 3D work as well! :thumbsup:


man, what a mouth! I love those teeth :slight_smile: This thing would do great in a kids cartoon animation



hehehehehe…this is funny.

Only crit is the lips and the face area are too smooth compared to the rest of the body. Some texturing and some bump would be nice on those areas.

Otherwise, its wikid!


heh, nice image :slight_smile: nice tex on the gums, I think the ears need some more detail though; they seem a bit round and cute looking; which is a difficult contrast with the pointy evil look of the rest of the creature. I’d make them kind of pointing back and ending in a point and narrow and weithered and stuff. But hey thats just me.

to my knowledge, when you are saying you did the model work, isnt it spelt ‘modelled’ instead of ‘modeled’? I’m not too sure but to me, modelled looks right.