randomzie/control index (not weight) of cloner or matrix?


Is it possible to randomize and/or control the index sorting order of a cloner or matrix in the same way you can with the Voronoi object? I’ve tried all sorts of combos of settings on the cloners, matrix, and effectors and the index just stays linear.

Not talking about weight here - but the index numbering.



I did some research, and concocted this monstrosity.
Use the effector in any MoGraph Cloner. Change the Seed in the “Random index” tab of the effector for different randomness.
Please tell me if it helps.



Creating a Sorting function, or distance based sorting is a bit harder.
I’m sure some egghead will find a way to do it :slight_smile:


with help from Donovan Keith, I updated the Effector to use the Alternative indexing of the MoGraph cloner.
This will randomize the IDs seen by the Step Effector but NOT by the Formula Effector. So the IDs you see in the Viewport are the default ones, but the Step effector reads the alternative ones… (or something like that).
Added a button in the “Random index” tab to revert the ids to the original.



Thanks so much for your effort on this - thought it was just something I was missing, not an actual missing in-built capability requiring code to remedy.



Weirdly enough this just came up: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=47&t=1485518 - uses a voronoi as an intermediate to get extra sorting options.


This is the current out-of-the-box way you can do it, with the added benefit of sorting the clones as well… BUT, it doesn’t work with Render instances, therefore making the setup comparatively slow.
I want to see if I (or another kind should) can add distance based sorting to the effector as well.


I see - thanks for taking the time to explain!