Randomizing Child Objects of Nested Cloner


I’m creating a chandelier with multiple crystals. The child cloner is in Object Mode where I have instances of a crystal object positioned along a spline. This cloner is a child of a cloner in Radial Mode where I rotate 47 copies. I’d like to add some randomized rotation to the individual crystals. When I add a random effector to the child cloner it will only randomly effect the rotation of each individual “strand” of crystals. This same random rotation is repeated in each subsequent copy of the parent cloner in Radial Mode. How would I go about randomizing each individual crystal with a similar setup? As you can tell I do not use Mograph very often. Thanks, Kevin


You can stack several items in the cloner and adjust the “P” value
on each of the stacked items.


vid2k2 - thanks for the reply. I was hoping for a more automated way of doing this. I ended up making all the crystals editable and placed them in a fracture object where I could manipulate them the way I wanted. Wasn’t as automated as I had hoped, but it worked. I appreciate the response. Kevin