Random Walk SSS in Redshift 3?


Hey all

Ran into the flickery SSS finally in Redshift 2. I’ve noticed they archived Random Walk SSS back in November on their 3.x development trello, does anyone know if it’s actually in 3.x?

I keep having to go back and install 2.x for older scenes.



No - it’s not in 3.x (yet). It is ‘on the road map’ - but it has been for a long time. Users keep bumping the need for it, but no action todate. The devs have been focusing on some big under the hood changes recently - a rewrite of the shader core, open shader language (OSL) - due any time now, and Redshift RT.


Yeah, I saw the OSL and Metal support stuff as well as RT. You’d think this would have been more of a priority. I think upping the SSS samples may have helped in this case. I hope they get it in there soon. Tired of jumping between 4 different engines for specific features.

Thanks MIke!