Ranarh_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


@POSEIdOON The sky just so being coloured is one of the most beautiful lighting conditions there are imo. Even better with snow.

10th Dec.
“North Pole”. More adventurers. I wish we could bring space travel further along so we can go discover again. On foot, I mean.


_looking good _``~…


11th Dec.
“Freezing”. I simply combined portrait study with textured brushes today.


That North Pole pic oddly reminds me of Carpenter’s version of the movie “The Thing”… Gah, makes me want to watch it again, now !
Very cool mood by the way (no pun intended)! :wink:


Great piece Ranarh! Loved the mix you made with texture brush and the portrait


The freezing image reminds me of an ice sculpture. I like this one a lot :slight_smile:


@Lammakian Now that you mention it :wink: That was a gruesome and cold film. Good thing so many people have medical implants, we’d never tell them apart from bodysnatchers otherwise.

12th Dec.
There are never enough samurais. I was just idly rummaging through my ref folders looking for something cool to sketch.


13th Dec.
The prompt “shovel” has stared at me for a few days now and somehow it’s this guy who always comes to mind. I threw in a bit of “blizzard”, too.
He was made in Al.chemy, after reading Scott Fisher’s MuddyColors latest articles, and finished in PS.


I really love your Art and I am curious what you’ll post today.
Is the last piece death with a shovel and a Santas hat?
his would be morbid and hilarious at the same time.


@RocaTeithmore Yes, it’s the Grim Reaper in Christmas attire. I think he’s also wearing one of those knitted sweaters with a red-nosed reindeer on it under his robes :wink: Thank you! It’s very encouraging to hear that.

14th Dec.
“Wreath”. This must be an incredibly uncomfortable thing to wear. But maybe she’s a fairy and all nature obeys her and doesn’t harm her. I drew the face in this orientation without turning the canvas, because that’s harder.


A holly wreath fairy :love:I like the rough edges to all your sketches too

I especially like your North Pole one! It really does have the feel of the start of an adventure (and it reminds me of a book on my shelf that I haven’t read yet :smiley: “A History of Canada in 10 Maps”)


“History in maps” sounds really cool, let me know if it’s worth having. I just learned there’s a book called “Star Wars - the Essential Atlas”. Now that’s something for the wishlist.

15th Dec.
“Snow”, I guess, but that fits almost everywhere :wink: I just wanted to use these nice snowflake brushes I dug up.


16th Dec.
“Merry”. Drawing children is HARD.


17th Dec.
“Mittens”. Today I thought to stick with just the line drawing, but I like the rough vignette shading from the last pieces. The fur and hair were nice to draw.


You used very nice colors and surfaces on the “merry” and “mittens” pictures!


Very nice, especially the combination of the colors.


Thanks Beatrix and gfigueroa! I rarely use such classic colour combinations and b/w with red, and it’s nice to see they work so well.

18th Dec.
“Candle”. Based on a blurry photo taken in a dark room with only a candle and a handheld camera. I really like lighting from below, but it’s hard to pull off and still look appealing instead of wrong.


I agree with you about making children! But you made a nice piece and got right the feeling of her being under water swimming for the surface


Thanks @POSEIdOON - the kid was not actually under water, though, she was running through a sprinkler in a park. But I get what you mean :wink:


Oh! I understand now. Ehehe… the flowing hair the bubbles of water and her arms made me think she was under water :slight_smile: