Ranarh_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Hey everybody! After surviving InkTober this year, I thought I’d just keep on with the challenges and join DrawCember as well. Travis makes a good point to use the time to train myself, so my personal challenge will be foreshortened portraits - something I use often but aren’t too good at. Yet.


1st Dec.
Model was wearing glasses, obscuring the upper head. And the ears kept popping up in places I didn’t expect.


Really difficult perspective. Seems you made successfully :slight_smile:


Only with “immense difficulty” as Newt Scamander says. ;)Thanks!


2nd Dec.
Today’s surprise in foreshortening was the cheek line dropping off so rapidly, and how much of a shadow the other cheek had extending from the mouthline.


Seems this one went more smoothly…


Pose was easier and ref sharper. Good ref is definitely necessary.


4th Dec.
A little less perspective today, but some expression. That weird little light on her left is an earring.


Looks expressive. Keep it up!


Thanks, I will!

5th Dec.
Today it’s that pesky angle when the cheeks starts covering the nose. And playing a little with presentation and layout on the page - also something I should practise.


I agree with you. When the head starts turning and the cheek covers the nose and the eye goes behind, is a complicated angle.
But you’re making it better and better every piece you make! Congrats


@POSEIdOON Thanks, I try. Overlap is cool, but often hard.

… aaaand I just read the updated rules about using the prompt list… not sure what to do because I’m unsure if my entries count now. Endurance test is fine, with zero facebook following I don’t stand a snowball’s chacne in hell in a popularity contest however. Ah well, if I don’t try, I’ll never know, right? Prompt list then. Yay for cookies and snowmen.


I’m also going to try make the names on the list that are missing of the first days. Later we’ll see if it counts.
Travis is saying no one will be eliminated because of this… lets see how it goes.


Hopefully it’ll all go well then.

6th Dec.
Went with prompt list today then, reindeer AND snow, so that must make up for at least two missed days :wink: Why aren’t elves on the list, anyway?


Liked your reindeer in a blizzard storm :slight_smile:


@POSEIdOON Thanks! I was going for just snow not snowstorm, but that can change at any moment anyway.

7th Dec.
“Scarf”. I don’t get those people who make a tidy knot in their scarf and feel warm. Keeping a neck appropriately warm requires a good deal of fabric, no?


8th Dec.
“Fireplace”. Thinking of Jack London’s Alaska stories, but without wolves.


The portraits at different angles are really good. And something I should probably practice more myself ^^;
I also love the paintings you are currently doing from the prompts, I love how you’re still choosing interesting angles to draw from.


@csbutt Thank you. Strong foreshortening makes for such nice challenges that you’ll never really want to go back to front views :wink:

9th Dec.
Tried to get along with “sleigh” first for the landscape but quickly lost interest in it - I wanted to stick to the “draw” of DrawCember more and went for an iceskater instead.


The painting of the sleigh got you very interesting colors! Beautifull painting