Rajanandepu #Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


I love the light settings you choose, it’s great winter mood. Looking forward to more!


Very goodd evelopment on the style! Wonderful artworks!


thank everyone for the nice words ! here is 10/22 more painterly aproach inspired from John park ! let me know what you all think


Very cool stuff man :slight_smile:


I did not know of John Park’s work, thanks for the ref, man ! (then again, John Park is a very common name, haha)
That last painting reminded of one particular Jaime Jones’ painting. Great stuff…

Keep on going, I want to see more ! :slight_smile:


more old master inspired painting here is 11/22 what do you think


Not an easy task rajanandepu, but you do it wonderfully!


Woooaaah I really want to be able to visit the places in your pictures. I imagine I could sit there all day and just relax in the atmosphere.


I do not know which to choose are all beautiful illustrations.:applause:


hahah thank you much for your words ! i ll try to create more cool paintings


yeah man ! he is a great inspiration for me John J.Park , and he is a fan Jaime jones and craig mullins so do i !


Your colors are great, and every piece looks like oil painting that I want to hang on a wall :smiley:


more winter juice ! 12/22 started as study and finished as concept


Beautiful thing!


A marvel of image.


Very nice!


Wow. These are fantastic. Are you doing them in Photoshop or another program?


I’m looking at all these cohesive compsitions - elements, lighting, color - wondering how you get levels of detail without getting scratchy and overworked.

Trade secrets.

Great stuff.


Hey there Thank you soon much !! And and yeah I just use Photoshop only for painting these !!


One of the reasons I use ArtRage is I could never get past the doodling to go find brushes. Natural painting was immediate in ArtRage. So I just went with it. But it seems - here as well, yes - there are extended effects to be discovered still.

I know Aaron Blaise has Photoshop brushes on his site - proprietary - if I can spam the forum a little. I even bought them. He has a lot of stuff.

Anyway. All as progress, right?

Well. I bought the horses too. With anatomy.

But, instead of that, I’m studying legs for people.

If you can’t tell, I’m perpetually looking for that box of Saltines.

Maybe I can munch on enough starch at once to stop talking here and get back to work.

Like your horses. Good design there, too. Later.