R25 Illustrator-import colors and cloner issue


When I import an illustrator vector file in R25 it comes in with all the colors. I can use them in a material with the mograph- color shader.

I would like to use effectors with the imported vector objects. The vector import object itself doesn’t seem to have options for effectors.
When I make it editable and use a fracture object (or cloner object), the color disappears.

How can I use the vector object colors in a cloner? I hope I’m overlooking something simple.


I send this question also to maxon technical support and this was their answer:

Hello …,
Unfortunately using any MoGraph Object overrides the objects original color, as it is a generator creating a new object.
The only way I can see to use the color on such objects would be to add materials to your objects using this color.
I’m sorry for this inconvenience.
Kind regards,

It look like it’s not possible at the moment. I hope maxon adds that.

At the moment I’m trying out some workarounds.