R23 Plugin Request: Symmetric editing (translation) of vertices and UVs


I decided to post this as a seperate thread here:

Quite a few character artists (including myself) are in need of symmetric editing possibilities.

Thus, I created a short demonstration video of two older Plugin functionalities, which I would really appreciate in R23: https://vimeo.com/465825503

Why is this so important and why can’t I just use the symmetry object?
Simple: when a character is already rigged, textured and furred (also shaded with vertexmaps), you don’t want to throw away one half and redo all these things for some minor polishing and morphtarget creation.

This should be core functionality and I’m requesting this since R20 - so maybe a dev shows mercy and tackles this? :slight_smile:
Thanks in Advance!




Okay - I’ve been thinking about the same issue for some time so I’ll look into programming a helper plugin.

May not be as elaborate as the one shown in the video, though; definitely not symmetrizing topological changes.

(I expect Maxon to present their own solution the very moment I put in the effort anyway :wink: )