R23 not opening after installing R24


Anyone ever have an issue opening an older version of C4D after installing a newer release? Just installed R24 this week and now 23 wont open (sticking with it for legacy projects). Looks like the task manager shows background processes running after launching but the app never actually opens. One of our guys had a similar problem but cant open R21 now. No biggie if I cant but just wondering if this is a known problem. Thanks


I just installed R25 yesterday, and today I am not able to open R23, which is what I was previously using. I had S24 installed a while ago, and didn’t notice any issue, but just never made the transition.
Now, when I try to open R23, I can see the plash screen, and the “initializing plugins”, etc… but then it just crashes out before the main app interface appears.


In my case (on wondows) nothing happens at all when I try to open 23. Task manager says background processes are active but no sign of it running. One of our guys has the same issue with 21 not opening. Have no idea what the issue is but installing 24 for me seemed to trigger it.


I also can not open S24 either (had it installed, but only used it a few times to test some stuff).
I just tried installing R23 from scratch (with auto installer) - it started up the app automatically after the install was complete, but it crashed again at the ‘initializing plugins’ on the splash screen


I’ve done multiple attempts at un-, and re-install of R23 - even re-downloading the full installer, but nothing works. I’ve opened a support ticket with Maxon