R23 issues


Heya, i have 2 annoying issues since working with R23.

1: When rendering to Picture Viewer C4D freezes and i have to force-quit. Happens randomly with any renderer but quite often.

2: When moving or rotation objects the tool gets stuck in camera mode and you can just move the camera. Also randomly but only once in a while.

Is that a common thing? I’m on Win / R23.008. I hope someone can help me out. Thank you very much!


A few suggestions:

  • Update Cinema to get fixes. Latest version is currently R23.110
  • Update graphics driver to latest version
  • For Picture Viewer freezes, go to Preferences>Memory and under Picture Viewer options, increase Memory to 1/4 of total system RAM to see if that helps


Havent had those issues here.
We did encounter an issue with the mesh deformer however. Intitalizing it will cause R23 to hang. Maxon is aware and apparently is working on a fix. (We needed to jump back to R21 to work on those files where we were using the mesh deformer in the meantime)


Thank you for your help. I will go through your list and hope that fixes it. Wha…? I will watch out for the mesh deformer… good to know. R23 is a little weird. :slight_smile:


Apparently the mesh deformer issue had something to do with a change in how much memory they allowed the deformer to use when writing it. I think what it was is it tries to use like 20 gbs of RAm when its activated (or something like that), which throws c4d into a tailspin. Might have been a rewrite mistake that slipped through the cracks.


Hm, i have a scene i’m working on that needs a mesh deformer - i will look out for that issue. Thanks!


I experience random freezes and the app turns unresponsive.
The freeze is not recognized by windows when I repeatedly click on the UI to raise the windows troubleshoot report.
The program doesn’t consume much resources from the system while frozen and does not attempt to save any bug report or backup file no matter how long I wait for it to become responsive.
Has anyone experienced anything like this ?


I’ve had numerous lockups with R23, particulalry when using the timeline. I had similar in R20 on Windows, but I didn’t experience any of these issues on R20 on Mac OS prior to switching to a PC.

As for the object/camera tool switch, yes I have been experiencing this quite a bit recently. Can’t say I have ever encountered prior.


When using the viewport navigation buttons very often the camera just zooms or rotates instantly to an extreme angle… I don’t know if this has to do with the fact that I use a touchpad and not a mouse but I did not have this problem in previous versions … I think I’ve seen this issue also in one of those early r23 feature introduction videos in youtube.


Any news on when next SP will be released?