R23 download woes ... Solved


OK, I took the plunge to update from my reliable friend …R12.
Download was quick … installation just hangs with the spinning pizza wheel.
After 3 hours, I figured … it’s not happening.
Question: How long should the " initialize " part take ?

Reason I wanted to update was for the mesher workflow. I’m building a very
complicated piece of vacuum formed plastic with a series of booles using
multiple A+B’s as well as the rest of the options. I’d of wanted R 20, but
figured that the most recent would be of benefit :slight_smile:


You should have two download options. One is a small download that only includes the installer and will then download what is needed by its own, this installer will only install into the default location. The other option is a complete installer that includes everything needed from the get go, with this installer you can decide where to install. Try both, maybe the small one has a problem with receiving data.
If that doesn’t help -> Maxon Support


Thanks for the tip … I think I d’ld the smaller one that was “virus checked.”
Will try again. Tried again … Error !

I’ll just deal with R12. Thanks again.


That is a full blown crash, please make sure to send it to Maxon with a valid e-mail.


Which OS version do you use?

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Mac OS 10.13.6

Note: I also use R16 from time to time without incident.

Here’s what the model looks like without using mesher.
Considering the multiple booles, the workflow didn’t
facet things too badly.



10.13 is below the minimum system requirement - chances are that also your GPU isn’t sufficient for Metal support (which could be the reason for the crash - even though not recommended and below min. specs, it can work with 10.13.6 with a few limitations if the driver support is given).

See: https://www.maxon.net/en/cinema-4d/system-requirements

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Ah, That’s it.
Seems my system and I are past our freshness date.:wink: