R23 and cinebench 23


I’m going to guess, infograph that when you are away from this forum you stay quite busy… burning things down in Portland, or pushing people off subway stations in NY. Go away.

I already said…I don’t use Macs for 3d work. No plan to. But your little inner jihad never shuts off, does it?

My name for you moving fwd is noise-graph. And I’ve made a vow never to read a word of your posts moving forward.


There’s nothing in my previous message that should cause such a nonlinear response so you must be really really desperate to ingratiate yourself with the group. I think after that display you can be quite confident that your previous indiscretions of posting Blender related material and dissing Maxon will now be overlooked and your readmittance will surely be confirmed probably by a congratulatory post by Sartana.

Congratulation ICM. In some ways I’m pleased to have helped.


Ok, lets try again,