R21 License Manager


I frequently release my license from my home system so I can use C4D at work.
This works fine, but there’s one minor annoyance:

I only know how to bring up the license manager by starting C4D, which then tells me there’s no license, so I release the license, then close the manager, which closes C4D, and I have to start it again.

Is there a way to just start the license manager so I can release it, before starting C4D?


You can just login to my.maxon.net in a browser and release from there.

Alternatively, choose “Quit and Free License” rather than just Quit when you exit C4D. That’ll release the license immediately (though beware that it’ll be released so if you don’t have an internet connection when you restart C4D you won’t be able to get a license). If you’d like to always release a license on quit, set g_licenseReleaseLicenseOnQuit=true in the commandline, config.txt or environment variables.


Thanks Rick,

I’ll probably just release from the Maxon site then.
(Although quit and free license could be handy too.)


After releasing the license, you can just go back to the Status tab from the Licenses tab, the license will be assigned to the current machine, and you can continue (click OK at the bottom of the window) without having to quit first.


Cool, I’ll give it a try.